The Discoveries in Geosciences Field School (DIG for short) is a unique, non-profit program from the University of Washington’s Burke Museum, created by UW / Burke paleontologists Dr. Greg Wilson and Lauren Berg DeBey.

The DIG Field School that takes K-12 teachers on field research with UW paleontologists to investigate the extinction of dinosaurs and the rise of mammals in the Hell Creek badlands of Montana, an area famous for its dinosaur fossils like Triceratops and  Tyrannosaurus rex.

The mission of the DIG Field School is to connect K-12 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) teachers with scientific research and researchers through ongoing professional development and teaching curricula. Fossils spark student (and teacher!) interest and provide a fun and exciting way to engage with science, including field research methods, critical thinking, and examining evidence. The Field School provides unique hands-on experience and professional training for teachers, who then bring real science into their classrooms. This “real world” professional development is a critical component of increasing teacher effectiveness and student engagement.

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