Canyonlands is really an adventure of four National Parks in one. Horseshoe Canyon and the Native American Pictographs on a wall show evidence of cross bedding from even more ancient times. Island in the Sky with it’s overviews that give you the sense that you are suspended above the eroded geology. The Needles, where you can immerse yourself into Chesler Park and wander amongst cathedral like walls and spires. And then there is Davis Canyon where everything seems to have washed out, and archaeological remnants of granaries and adobe houses that hang from the cliff edges. Despite all of this – it is the geological processes that make this interesting. Visible evidence of the pressures that cause the underlying salt beds to flow out into the Colorado River, bending the surface of the overburden to allow the cracks to form and let erosional forces carve the canyons, arches, spires and landscape into the incredible experience that Canyonlands is today.

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