San Juan Islands

San Juan Islands – Located in the far North West of the contiguous US, a place of quiet and clean air. Ancestral lands of the Salish people. Name places drawing from the multiple cultures that have left their mark, Salish, Spanish, French, British and even one Island named after a cannibal chief from Polynesia. A pig shot and a war barely avoided, ending in establishing the current territorial boundaries between the US and Canada (Great Britain).

Built on greywacke beds with a smattering of volcanic rock and granite erratic's left from the last ice age. A random Dinosaur (Suciasurus) bone. 786 islands and reefs exist for Mariners to explore and ship wreck on. (THE GEOLOGY OF THE SAN JUAN ISLANDS By ROY DAVIDSON McLELLAN) Exposed to the Pacific storms along the long corridor of the Straits of San de Fuca, but for the most part in the protective rain shadow of the Olympic mountains. Home to birds, rich marine life, Orcas, seals and sea lions. National monuments and preserves. A residence, a vacation spot, an escape.

Here I find a respite. A settling down. The photographs are primarily meant to convey the sense of letting go. Living with nature.

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