As a geodestination Panama provides an interesting challenge. Geologically there is very little as so much of it is covered in jungle. It’s also one of those geographically challenging countries. The first thing to understand is that as a country it runs East West, not North South. And if you draw a line due south of Florida – Panama lies to the east!

Geologically it is a phenomen. It is the connector between the North American and South American land masses. Unlike colliding plates, it was an island arc that provided the connection - and when it did, the evolutionary isolated fauna begin to move across. Recent papers state this could have been happening as soon as 10 - 12 million years ago. Named the “great faunal exchange” as the Indigenous South American Marsupials moved north, and the North American mammals moved south. It was an evolutionary battlefield. Only one marsupial survives – the opossum!

And then a strange anthropomorphic event occurred. Humans built a canal across the isthmus. So once again we have a divide. Which begs the question, what will happen to the evolutionary process?

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