Antarctica – A landscape where nature still has its way. Millions of years ago it acted as a land bridge between South America and Africa allowing for the migration of giant amphibians and reptiles. their remnants still being uncovered today where the ice has left behind exposed rocks of yesteryear. It separated from the rest of the world over 25 million years ago, before humans became part of the biome. Only when the Drake passage opened, could the oceans circulate creating the climatic conditions across the globe we think of as normal.

This opening also made it the only place where the winds can circulate freely without interruption around the earth, giving rise to the infamous storms that surround it, acting as fortress walls to any casual adventurer. It is surrounded by an ocean marked by an isothermal line of freezing waters. It is a continent still buried by massive ice sheets thousands of feet deep.

The austral summer is inverted from what the northern hemisphere human inhabitants think of today – occurring in our northern winter. It’s unique climatic conditions still bring snow storms and biting cold. The little warmth brought by the midnight sun sets up temperature differentiation for the blast of katabatic winds to come racing down and blowing at high speeds off the glaciers. All of life that has managed to find a foothold on the edges, is well prepared to survive. Showing a resiliency to the narrow margins. This is a collection of photography from the edge, a place where the continent barely reaches towards the north. A small piece of a massive continent still waiting to be explored.

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