Rules for downloading or using the prints.

My Photos are Free to anyone using pictures for education or non-profit work.

Otherwise please use them only for your organization or personal use. A copyright or citation is required (use ©John Pohl or If you wish to use a photograph in a publication or for commercial use, you must obtain permission. Commercial use is defined as a for profit organization or if you are reselling or making money using these photographs.

To request a photograph please e-mail me the name of the photo.

Send the name of the photo requested to me in an e-mail to or click Contact in the footer or menu bar. Please remember to let me know how you intend to use the photo. I will then send you the file or a link where you can download the photo(s). If you are purchasing a photo the folder will give you an option of downloading it or having it professionally printed.

All profits go to supporting the DIG Field School.

Finding a File Name

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