A limited showing of my photography has been exhibited or been used. This is always done for furthering the objectives of the site.

Panobook Published 2013 Photo Contest Winner – Iceberg Alley 

Seattle Bus Stops City Metro Panorama Photo – Mural Project

     Ammassalik Island Sermilik Fjord Greenland

     Location: Montlake Blvd NE [47.649707, -122.305607]

     Chesler Park Mushroom City Canyonlands

     Location: NE Pacific Street [47.649382, -122.305371]

     Nordaustlandet Brasvellbreen Arm Svalbard

     Location: I-405 SE 8 St Bellevue

     Nordaustlandet Brasvellbreen Arm Advancing Ice Svalbard

     Location: I-405 SE 8 St Bellevue

     Waterfalls Nordaustlandet Brasvellbreen Arm Svalbard

     Location: (Pending Installation)

King County Metro has released a video on the Bus Shelter Photo Mural project. To view more information on the project and a video, click Here

Dickinson College – Waidner-Spahr Library Exhibit – Arctic Adventure 2014

     Link: Link to Library Exhibit

National Parks Conservation Association Field Report Autumn 2016 Crater Lake

     Link: Downloadable Link to NPCA Field Report

National Parks Conservation Association Headquarters – 80 National Parks Images as Running Slide Show

Juried Contests

     Camera USA 2017 The Naples Art Association, Naples, Florida

     Link: Camera USA 2017 Entry

     Edmonds Art Festival 2018 700 Main St, Edmonds, WA 98020

     Alkefjalle Waterfall Double Waterfall Nordaustlandet Brasvellbreen Arm

     Link: Edmonds Art Festival

     Camera USA 2019 The Naples Art Association, Naples, Florida

     Deeper Than Wide

     Link: Camera USA 2019 Entry

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