About John

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John Pohl is an American photo enthusiast, a geologist by training, and active in science education. He received a double major in Geology and Political Science at Dickinson College (a hybrid approach to Geography) and an MBA from Seattle University. He worked in manufacturing and the software industry (where he developed expert systems) and even did some ranching. John has been an active photographer since age 14. His style of photography is best described as landscape. Merging his passion for Geology and Photography provides the basis for the word Geophotography. He also likes to use the word Naturgemälde to describe his work. A word used by Alexander von Humboldt and which can be roughly translated as “nature paintings”. Somewhere in all of this there evolved an appreciation for the world around us. A sense that we are here to witness something much bigger than us. To these observations to be better stewards and understand. This site is about trying to share and translate my experiences and hopefully to motivate others. Naturalists, Students, Teachers and anyone who is involved in education are encouraged to use these photographs for free if helps them to illustrate or further these goals. Growing up, he spent time in Sicily, Germany, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Haiti, boarding school in Switzerland and currently resides in Seattle, WA.

You can follow my Instagram account (below). There are always some new trip photos before I update the site. 

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