National Park Panoramas - Geophotography

National Park and Monuments Panoramas

Geophotography is a site dedicated to sharing an experience. It is focused on geographic, hence the geo, and photographic shots. Landscapes include Panoramic or Panoramas of National Parks and Monuments, Geodestinations, photographs of geology related subjects and nature.

The Panorama is my way of trying to immerse the viewer in the landscape. If you can see it on one screen it’s too small. Imagine a picture 50 feet tall and 200 feet wide. Not being able to see from side to side. Looking at your feet and falling into a canyon. Seeing little details hidden in a corner.

These pictures consist of multiple shots. There is no single photo but a continuation of a view, sometimes 360 degrees. Which means you would have to wrap this around you to get the experience the visual and hopefully some sense of what the place is about.

This is a compendium of panoramic photographs from the national parks and monuments.

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