Permafrost - Geophotography
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ice Wedge Polygon

ice Wedge Polygon

"Ice-wedge polygon A large nonsorted polygon characterized by borders of intersecting ice wedges,
found only in permafrost regions and formed by contraction of frozen ground. The fissured borders
delineating the polygon may be ridges (low-centered polygon in which sediments are being upturned)
or shallow troughs (high-centered polygon in which erosion and thawing are prevalent), and are
underlain by ice wedges. Diameter: up to 150 m, averaging 10-40 m. In plan, the pattern tends to be
three- to six-sided. See also: fissure polygon. Cf:frost-crack polygon. Syn: tundra polygon; Taimyr
polygon. " Glossary of Geology 5th Ed

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