Mass Wasting - Geophotography
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drumlin (drum'-lin) (a) A low, smoothly rounded, elongate oval hill, mound, or ridge of compact
glacial till or, less commonly, other kinds of drift (sandy till, varved clay), built under the margin of the ice and shaped by its flow, or carved out of an older moraine by readvancing ice; its longer axis is
parallel to the direction of movement of the ice. It usually has a blunt nose pointing in the direction
from which the ice approached, and a gentler slope tapering in the other direction. Height is 8-60 m,
average 30 m; length is 400-2000 m, average 1500 m. Syn: drum. (b) rock drumlin. Etymol: Irish and
Gaelic, diminutive of "druim", "back, ridge". Glossary of Geology Fifth Edition

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